Are Italy's Event Planners really that much better than others?

Without a doubt say many Event Business Coordinating Experts. In Italy there is a centuries-old tradition since the Italian Event Planners come to work with hundreds of years of craftsmanship and talent for detail behind them.

This is because alongside such achievements as the aqueducts and roman numerals, the ancient people of what is now Italy made some noteworthy progress in the field of fun. In other words, they knew how to party. The Romans were so adept at getting down they had a god of partying, Bacchus.

Dishes and cups were of the finest quality. Though the poor used earthenware, the plates and dishes at large banquets were of silver, the cups of crystal, gold and, a rare and very expensive opaque stone said to improve the bouquet of the wine. These cups were seldom plain; more often they were decorated with embossed reliefs or gems. Their shape also varied; they could be broad and without handles or feet, deep with feet and handles, which in some cases spread above the rims (calices), in the shape of a boat, or of a horn, etc.


For the wealthy entertainment could take place at home as they hosted their own dinner parties and lavish banquets. Along with dinner could be music, singing, and dancing by professionals. In some circles, recitation of written work, such as poetry and speeches, followed. For the plebeians, associations (collegia) may have thrown dinner parties.


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