In celebration of my birthday I got to thinking about the piñatas I used to have when I was little...what a perfect way it seems of celebrating the passing of time and life's impermanence. Somewhere along the way piñatas (the traditional clay pot ones) became outlawed and the cardboards ones just weren't as fun. This year I'm gonna give them a chance- especially after seeing how many creative ones there are out there- maybe I'll even make my own! Here are some fun "adult" ways to fill it

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1. Gift Cards: Toss in a $10 gift card for gas or your local Starbucks and watch the frenzy begin. 2. Childish Toys/Snacks: Never underestimate the power of a candy necklace, ring pop or a glow bracelet. 3. Plastic Mini Bottles: Baby bottles of booze raining from the sky? There aren't many who will pass on that. 4. Bottle Openers: Even though many have people one on their keychain, you always need another, plus they're inexpensive and readily available. 5. Guitar Picks: Depending on your crowd guitar picks are a great and inexpensive thing to add and they come in all sorts of colors (for those concerned with coordinating such things). 6. Movie Tickets: Like the gift card above, movie passes are worth throwing yourself on the ground for. It makes seeing the A-Team twice a not-so-expensive reality. 7. Lottery Tickets: Picking up 20 lottery tickets isn't too tricky and there's even the chance you'll make money back on the deal! 8. Gum: There aren't many who will say no to a pack of gum, especially when they don't have to choose what kind to buy. Try bulk retailers for the best deals. 9. Tea Bags: Many varieties of tea come individually packaged and can be used as filler without risking the tea being ruined. 10. Decks of Cards: They're a great way to start a party and keep one going, plus they last forever and will bring back a great memory each time the recipient brings them back out.