Halloween is all about decoration.  We decorate our homes and even ourselves in crazy/sexy/funny/scary costumes!  As much fun as it is to get into the Halloween spirit, the cost of decorating can quickly add up.  Thankfully, Felici Events is always looking for fun DIY projects and we've come to the rescue with some fun Halloween ideas that won't leave cobwebs in your wallet!  Not only does DIY get you more into the festive spirit, but your creations will often turn out more creative than anything you could buy in a store!

Heart Attack Voodoo Dolls:

A little cloth can go a long way.  Double over some fabric and cut it out in a doll-like shape.  Stuff cotton between the two and sew the perimeter with yarn.  Add whatever accessories you like.  Can also double as a festive pin cushion!

Grow Monster Specimen Jar:

Remember these from when you were a kid?  Take some vases that may be collecting dust in your basement and fill them with water.  Toss in your grow monsters (which can be purchased at practically any Halloween/dollar store) and line your shelves to give your home a mad-scientist aesthetic.

Print-Your-Own Bottle Labels:

Print out your favorite haunted design templates and cover your normal beverage bottles with novel Halloween labels!  For your gullible guests, you may want to mention that they're not actually drinking "zombie virus".

Pumpkin Carving:

Pretty self-explanatory.  Go to your local pumpkin patch and purchase a pumpkin.  Cut out the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the guts.  Save the seeds and toast in the oven to snack on later.  Grab some carving utensils (ie: a knife) and do work!  Insert a candle after you're done carving to light up your homemade jack-o'-lantern.

Spider Web Balloon:

Begin by filling a balloon with helium.  The webbing inside the balloon is made from a commercial product called HI-FLOAT, a solution made for injecting into helium balloons to make them retain their helium longer.  The web effect is created by applying the HI-FLOAT and letting it dry at a set pressure.  Deflate the balloon, stretch it out, and then re-inflate.  The film will detach from the walls and create a sort of web.  Be sure to toss some plastic spiders in the balloon for the sake of appearance.

Bat O' Lanterns:

Go to your local pumpkin patch and purchase however many miniature pumpkins.  Spray paint the pumpkins black and draw your own bat wings/ears/eyes.  Cut out and attach to your now-dried mini pumpkin with a hot glue gun.

Ghost Lights:

Time to dig into your box of Christmas lights and pull out a strand of white lights (multicolor lights if you'd like multicolored ghosts).  Simply punch the individual lights through the bottom of a plain white dixie cup and add some googly eyes for show.