One of the most fun and rewarding things that you want to make sure to do after your engagement is to schedule an engagement photo session for you and your fiancé. Why get engagement photos? Aside from the fact that these photos will show off what an attractive couple you two are, this photo session provides you with the valuable opportunity to establish a relationship with your photographer before your Wedding. An engagement session allows you to share with your photographer what you like and don't like about yourself (in pics) and it also allows them to get to know you as a couple. This is so valuable, and enables them to take photos that best represent the two of you and will result in wedding photos that you are sure to love!


Engagement photos can also be used for wedding announcements in local news papers, save the dates that are sent out to family and friends, and they can even be used as décor at your ceremony or reception.

Do's and Don'ts of Engagement Pictures

Do HAVE FUN with this opportunity

Do involve your photographer who will at some level be the director of your tale

Do bring a few items of clothing

Do bring props

Do relax, a glass of wine and some music on the ipod can get the 'groove' going

DON'T eliminate engagement pictures from your photographer's package to save money.

The beautiful engagement photos below are courtesy of Attasalina Photography.  The FELICI couple will be married this fall!