International Event Planner Zohe Felici shares what three things she would bring if stranded on a deserted island with a party to plan.

Here is entertainment guru Scott Topper, hosting his show "Party Time with Scott Topper".

Zohe, is owner and founder of Felici Events and co-masterminder (with Scott) of Southern California Mitzvahs. She is also a longtime friend of his and his beautiful wife Angelina. (Felici Events produced their wedding in 2011),  Zohe is honored to be his very first guest (on the début) of the very first show.

There is a three person panel (the talented Kristine, charming Michelle, and myself) whom Scott interviews in order to provide the public with a glimpse inside la creme de la creme of Southern California's vendors' wild world of events.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

PS - What a great group of gals to have on the panel with!  This is the AAA team!