One of the things generations of Italian women, especially my (Italian) mom, taught me about hospitality is to immediately greet your guests with something to drink.  The welcome beverage does not have to be alcoholic (for weddings I STRONGLY suggest waiting on serving alcohol until after the ceremony, it's a long day for people and I've observed guests take advantage of open bars party and party again...).  Self service glass beverage containers can add decor and support the theme to your event.  These three I found online are inexpensive and unique.  


Here are Four Easy Non-Alcoholic Beverage Recipes / Ideas:

Ask your caterers or bartender to prepare and include these 'wet your whistle stations' in the menu

If used as a welcome beverage, you can move to the bar and still offer throughout your event.



Easy as 1-2-3:

Slice 4-5 mixture of lemons and limes into rounds

Add to Ice Water



Slice 2 cucumbers in rounds 1/4' thick and freeze

Pour Ice water into container, top with frozen cucumber


Lavender Fields:

Purchase pre-made lemonade

Add to container with ice

Top with washed strands of lavender


Ruby Red Glam:

Fill container with ice and sparkling cider

Add fresh POM pomegranate juice

Top with nuggets of pomegranate


Bottoms Up!