There are many important aspects to a wedding, such as the guest list, the venue, the bride’s dress, the food, and of course, the wedding cake. The wedding cake is the elaborate centerpiece that adorns a major table while the guests are dining so that everyone can view it, waiting for the moment that they finally get to sink their teeth in to a gooey slice. When that moment comes, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the bride and groom cutting the cake together, as one of their first joint acts after saying “I do”. So much emphasis is placed on the wedding cake, not only in its taste but in its presentation, so why stick with the same boring cake cliché? Here are some fantastic examples of unique and creative cakes that break out of the norms of wedding cake design.

A life-size cake replica of the bride? Perhaps a bit vain, but this cake is definitely impressive.

One of the world’s most recognizable paintings transcribed onto a cake. A true work of baked art.


It must have been hard to eat this wonderful representation of the beloved video game.

Nothing says family like a good game of Scrabble, especially when it’s portrayed in such a fun way on this cake.

How can you not love a cake that represents the bride and groom as fellow Ghostbusters taking down the Marshmallow Man?