For obvious reasons, a wedding concentrates on the loving bond between the bride and groom.  The relationship between brides and bridesmaids, however, are an important aspect of the celebration as well.  These are the women who have supported the bride throughout the entire relationship.  They are the women who laughed, cried, and rejoiced with the bride.  Many brides are honoring this friendship with specialized tidbits from asking them to be bridesmaids to the ceremony itself. These bridesmaid cards offer a chance for the bride to include favorite pictures and stories of her and the bridesmaid-to-be.  It's an easy, affordable way to make each bridesmaid see how much the bride cherishes their friendship.


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After the bachelorette party, the bride commemorated their night with a hilarious photo session with her and her rowdy bunch.   An awesome way to save these memories forever, this bride made a fun night an even funnier morning.

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This bride wrote on the bottoms of each of her bridesmaid shoes a note about how special they are to her.  Such an adorable and sweet way to let someone know you care about them!


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While weddings are about the bride and groom, the close bond between brides and their bridesmaids can also be recognized through small mementos.