One of the biggest rewards of being an event planner is the relationships we create with clients.

I have couples, their friends and families and various clients with whom we still keep in touch.

Here is one prime example.  Lindsey and Jeff's Santa Barbara wedding was featured on Santa Barbara Wedding Guide Blog over the summer.  Even though their wedding was a few years back, Lindsey and her parents are HUGE fans of the dynamic duo -  Zohe Felici and Nico Designs - and still keep in touch with us on a regular basis.  Not only did they come to support Nico's "L is for Love" book launch I planned for him back in April (more to follow on that event), they event took the time to put together a collage of appreciation.  Yup, that's us - Nico, Momma Coye and myself in the middle left hand side picture......

We love you Coyes!  Let's plan another party.  Forever grateful.  -Zohe