I love doing childrens' parties.  Let's be honest, I am a kid at heart, kids love me and I relate very well with them. The Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl's coming of age on her 15th birthday, or Quinceañera, offers many traditions throughout the celebration; two of which I found to be sentimental and sweet. One of the most popular is the Changing of the Shoes. Upon their dance, the father or favored male relative and coming-of-age daughter ceremoniously changes the young girl’s flat shoes to high heels. This is a significant symbol of the Quinceañera’s transformation from a little girl to a young lady.

The Last Doll is used as part of the ceremony or as decoration and keepsake. In some customs, the Quinceañera doll represents the last things of a child now that the Quinceañera will focus on the things of a young lady. In some Hispanic cultures, the cápias (printed ribbons with the Quinceanera’s name and date) are pinned to the doll, and the Quinceanera circulates among her guests, thanking them for their presence and presenting them with a memento taken from the doll.

The Quince Años is a glorious celebration that remains a cherished and honored tradition.