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Engagement Pictures Slideshow Santa Barbara

Engagement Pictures Slideshow Santa Barbara

Same Sex Couple Wedding Engagement Pictures

The talents of Willa Kveta took one of our Felicified couples trotting around Santa Barbara to capture amazing engagement pictures.  We started at 9 a.m. in the Funk Zone and made our way to the Lark, a few blocks over to the Wharf and West Beach, as well as downtown on overpasses.  

We love the different backdrops and interesting three-dimensional settings captured to adorn these gorgeous guys. Santa Barbara is conducive to an array of settings within blocks from each other.

Seriously, could they be any more awesome!  It's like watching a Ben Affleck and Matt Damon photo shoot.  These guys are gorgeous, sweet and fun!


Congratulations Corey and Alex!  We can't wait for your BIG day!

NOTE: The Felici Events wedding planner team finds it imperative that engagement pictures happen with your photographer at some point of the wedding.  It allows for relationships to be created, a rapport both between the couple and the photographer as well as a comfort level.  IT WILL SHOW on your wedding day! We will be sure to post photos of the wedding day to prove that to you!