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Unique Bridal Registry Ideas

This is not the Dark Ages - Millennium Couples Request Unique Registry Ideas

I am sure it is no surprise that in these progressive times,  couples move in together, live together for a few years, get engaged and then get married.  Most of my engaged clients request non-traditional, unique registries for their engagement and wedding, experiences not clutter.

Felici Events has opened up the Felici Files to share with you six  websites that offer newly engaged couples unique and non-traditional registries that do just that.  From wine lovers to those wanting to purchase their new home, to the philanthropists and small business supporters.  Below are some ideas for wedding couples to register at.

for the wine loving engaged couple Felici Events unique wedding registry ideas
  • BottleNotes (
    • Users can sign up to create their "own unique registry full of amazing wines." Bottlenotes' experts can be contacted to provide users with insight on starting their own wine collection.
Etsy Registry unique registry ideas for wedding couples by Felici Events
I do Foundation unique registry for engaged and wedding couples by Felici Events
Knack Wedding unique engaged couple registry by Felici Events
  • Knack Registry (
    • allows couples to register for items not available at retailers in addition to items that are. It also allows them to register for experiences.
      • For example: if you just moved and are looking to do some landscaping you add that as a registry item.
The honeymoon Registry unique registry for wedding and engaged couples who like to travel
Downpayment Dreams Unique bridal registry for wedding and engaged couples by Felici Events

makes it possible for guests to contribute to couples who wish to "collect down payment funds" for a house.