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Songs of the Heart

Kerri-Anne Leblang is a local singer and songwriter that offers a unique range of services for all types of events. With a team of producers, musicians, and composers, Kerri-Anne creates custom songs for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, ceremonies, and all in between.
She is able to cater to various types of music styles and genres, from acoustic guitar to piano, rock, pop, and even dance. Couples and families have the opportunity to meet with Kerri-Anne to collaborate about lyrics, medium, and genre of their songs in order to capture each individual story. Kerri-Anne and her team are responsible for writing, mixing, recording, and producing the co-created song.

Once the song is completed, hosts can choose to hire Kerri-Anne for a live performance or have the recorded song play during the event. Kerri-Anne also works closely with a team of videographers, who specialize in creating documentaries and montages of events that will feature the custom song on a DVD. The DVD can be accessed online through Facebook, and shared with family and friends.

With several combinations of services, Kerri-Anne works with any type of budget to make each event unique and special. For contact information and samples of her songs, visit Kerri-Anne’s website at