Felici Events had the pleasure of attending ISES Eventworld earlier this month in my old stomping grounds, the great city of Dallas, TX. Y'all!

One thing that really stood out during the conference was the use of LED lights. They light up on pretty much everything these days, just as the Jetson's predicted.

Club Shine lit it up with their LED dance floor.  I have to say, I love to dance, I've seen many of a dance floors, this was ri-dance-u-lous!

It can be used to show music or live video, photos, branding, logos or monograms.

Did you ever think that a floor could be used as a focal point for entertainment AND decor?

You can see Club Shine's floors in action here:


Want more?

DJ's everywhere are dying to point their fingers on the Emulator, the World’s first and only multi-touch midi controller PC software. Smithson Martin's creation has transformed the look of a DJ booth from a traditional turntable or laptop into a transparent screen.

You can even write on the screen and flip it for all of the guests to see!


Quoting Chip Douglas, The Cable Guy "The Future is Now!"