I am 100% Italian, therefore it was inevitable to be born a party planner.  I was barely out of the womb when I started entertaining and indubitably my career led me hospitality and then throwing  great parties as a living.

You see, Italians, or "I Paesani", are the epitome of entertainers and hosts who ensure that all occasions are celebrated and done so with GUSTO!

My NUMBER ONE of four things you must have to host a memorable party will make or break a party, can you guess what it is?
Remember, I am Italian.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Italy.  What is the one thing you think of when imagining Italy?


Felici rule number one is: Don't let people leave hungry.  Both my grandmothers as well as my mom  taught me that Italiafact.  I've been well fed with fresh ingredients, home cooked meals and generations of recipes my entire life.  As a family, we sat to a delicious home cooked dinner every night while I was growing up. To me, this upbringing makes a difference, food = event.

I practiced this rule last November when I threw my launch party.  Both my heritage along with appreciation of good food and fresh ingredients dictated the theme of my event.  It was also important to me to host a larger number of guests, and therefore my budget had to have some bang for the buck without compromising fresh delicious food.

I contacted California Woodfired Catering and had them cater the soiree.  That was a great decision!

The best part, I got three bangs for my buck.

1-Effortless: The set up, rental and service needs were minimal

2-A Show: Just like in my family's house, guests gathered around the wood-fired oven area watching the chef make pizzas with the fresh ingredients and pulling it out of the piping hot oven.  It also sparked up quite a bit of conversation amongst all.

3-Finger Lickin' Good:  The food was delicious.  It is just shy of one year later, and people are still talking about the yumy pizza!

Thanks Mike!