How to Create a Theme with Colors

An elegant and fun way to create themes can be done thru color schemes and shapes.

A great example is this REAL FELICI WEDDING for Jennifer and Stephen who used purple and green spheres as their inspiration. To convey the theme to guests right off the bat, their invitations by  Lazaro Press included the lavender and pale green puffs. 

On their reception night at The Canary Hotel, Nico Designs adorned each table with a centerpiece featuring giant green and purple chrysanthemums orbs resting on beds of rock.

Lighting is a dramatic way to convey a color scheme that immediately changes the mood of a room. Bella Vista Designs lit up the evening celebration with lavender lights around the room.

A wedding cake is the culmination and epitome of any wedding’s theme. Instead of creating a polka dotted cake, Montecito Confections used green chrysanthemums trailing up the side of the cake and onto the top adorned with cymbidium orchids.

A huge Thank You to the wonderful Melissa Musgrove for capturing these wonderful images and work of art.